Toshiba Satellite C850 C855 C850D C855D L850 L855 L850D L855D S850 S855 S850D S855D V00094695 6017B0356001 AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable Wire Harness

Toshiba Satellite C850 C855 C850D C855D L850 L855 L850D L855D S850 S855 S850D S855D Series AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable
Item SKU: B107091
Alt P/N.: V00094695 6017B0356001
Item Specification:
2.5mm Central Pin DC Power Jack
Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
Overall Length Approx 9.5cm
4-Wire 4-Pin White Connector, Plug IN
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality

399.00 599.00

Compatible Laptop Models:
Toshiba Satellite C850 C855 C850D C855D Series
Toshiba Satellite L850 L855 L850D L855D Series
Toshiba Satellite S850 S855 S850D S855D Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
Toshiba Satellite C850 Series: C850-BT2N11 C850-BT2N12 C850-BT3N11 C850-ST2N01 C850-ST2N02 C850-ST2N03 C850-ST2NX1 C850-ST2NX2 C850-ST2NX3 C850-ST3N01 C850-ST3N02 C850-ST3N03 C850-ST3NX1 C850-ST3NX2 C850-ST3NX3 C850-ST3NX4 C850-ST3NX5 C850-ST4NX1 C850-ST4NX2 C850-ST4NX3 C850-ST4NX4 C850-ST4NX5 C850-ST4NX6 C850-ST4NX7 C850-ST4NX8
Toshiba Satellite C855 Series: C855-10M C855-11G C855-12C C855-12F C855-12G C855-17Z C855-S5107 C855-S5108 C855-S5111 C855-S5115 C855-S5118 C855-S5122 C855-S5123 C855-S5132NR C855-S5133 C855-S5134 C855-S5137 C855-S5153 C855-S5158 C855-S5190 C855-S5192 C855-S5194 C855-S5206 C855-S5214 C855-S5231 C855-S5233 C855-S5234 C855-S5236 C855-S5239 C855-S5239P C855-S5241 C855-S5245 C855-S5247 C855-S5306 C855-S5308 C855-S5319 C855-S5343 C855-S5345 C855-S5346 C855-S5347 C855-S5348 C855-S5349 C855-S5349N C855-S5350 C855-S5350N C855-S5352 C855-S5355 C855-S5356 C855-S5358 C855-S5630 C855-SP5266KM C855-SP5267KM C855-SP5269KM C855-SP5270KM
Toshiba Satellite C850D Series: C850D-00G00F C850D-BT2N11 C850D-BT3N11 C850D-ST2N02 C850D-ST3N01 C850D-ST3NX1 C850D-ST4NX1
Toshiba Satellite C855D Series: C855D-S5100 C855D-S5103 C855D-S5104 C855D-S5105 C855D-S5106 C855D-S5109 C855D-S5110 C855D-S5116 C855D-S5135NR C855D-S5196 C855D-S5201 C855D-S5202 C855D-S5203 C855D-S5205 C855D-S5209 C855D-S5228 C855D-S5229 C855D-S5230 C855D-S5232 C855D-S5235 C855D-S5237 C855D-S5238 C855D-S5302 C855D-S5303 C855D-S5305 C855D-S5307 C855D-S5315 C855D-S5320 C855D-S5339 C855D-S5340 C855D-S5342 C855D-S5344 C855D-S5351 C855D-S5353 C855D-S5354 C855D-S5357 C855D-S5359 C855D-S5900 C855D-S5950 C855D-SP5162F C855D-SP5162K C855D-SP5263FM C855D-SP5265 C855D-SP5265FM C855D-SP5366SM C855D-SP5368SM C855D-SP5370KM C855D-SP5371KM C855D-SP5372CM C855D-SP5372KM
Toshiba Satellite L850 Series: L850-BT2N22 L850-BT3N22 L850-ST2N01 L850-ST2N02 L850-ST2NX1 L850-ST3N01 L850-ST3N02 L850-ST3NX1 L850-ST3NX2 L850-ST3NX3 L850-ST4NX1 L850-ST4NX2 L850-ST4NX3
Toshiba Satellite L855 Series: L855-S5112 L855-S5113 L855-S5119 L855-S5121 L855-S5136 L855-S5136NR L855-S5138NR L855-S5155 L855-S5156 L855-S5157 L855-S5160 L855-S5162 L855-S5163 L855-S5171 L855-S5186 L855-S5187 L855-S5189 L855-S5198 L855-S5210 L855-S5240 L855-S5243 L855-S5244 L855-S5255 L855-S5309 L855-S5366 L855-S5368 L855-S5371 L855-S5372 L855-S5375 L855-S5383 L855-S5385 L855-SP5202WL L855-SP5260CM L855-SP5260KM L855-SP5260LM L855-SP5260RM L855-SP5260WM L855-SP5261CM L855-SP5262KM L855-SP5263KM L855-SP5264RM L855-SP5265KM L855-SP5268CM L855-SP5268WM L855-SP5269KM L855-SP5279KM L855-SP5281CM L855-SP5282LM L855-SP5364RM L855-SP5373KM L855-SP5374LM
Toshiba Satellite L850D Series: L850D-BT2N22 L850D-BT3N22 L850D-ST2NX1 L850D-ST3NX1 L850D-ST4NX1
Toshiba Satellite L855D Series: L855D-S5114 L855D-S5117 L855D-S5139NR L855D-S5220 L855D-S5242 L855D-SP5261M L855D-SP5266KM L855D-SP5267KM L855D-SP5267WM L855D-SP5272RM L855D-SP5363WM L855D-SP5367RM L855D-SP5370KM L855D-SP5371WM L855D-SP5375KM L855D-SP5376RM
Toshiba Satellite S850 Series: S850-BT2G22 S850-BT3N22
Toshiba Satellite S855 Series: S855-S5164 S855-S5165 S855-S5168 S855-S5170 S855-S5188 S855-S5251 S855-S5252 S855-S5254 S855-S5257 S855-S5260 S855-S5264 S855-S5265 S855-S5266 S855-S5267 S855-S5268 S855-S5290P S855-S5369 S855-S5377N S855-S5378 S855-S5379 S855-S5380 S855-S5381 S855-S5382 S855-S5384 S855-S5386 S855-SP5265SM
Toshiba Satellite S850D Series: S850D-xxxx
Toshiba Satellite S855D Series: S855D-S5120 S855D-S5148 S855D-S5253 S855D-S5256 S855D-SP5261LM S855D-SP5262LM S855D-SP5365LM

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